The Long Span

Long Span Shelving, also known as long run racking or long run shelving as it’s sometimes called, offers an affordable, sturdy and versatile storage solution for the office, warehouse or retail storeroom. It is especially useful for those companies which do not have the extra space, or the time to stretch out to a full-on pallet rack system. The benefit of these shelves is that they allow more stock to be stored without taking up space in the storeroom. This means you can maximise the space available for your products and reduce the amount of time you’ll have to stand over your work-bench doing nothing! These shelves can be used both inside and outside, and if placed correctly will keep your goods dry, cool and organised in any climate. You can choose from several different varieties of metal, plastic and timber shelves, so you should easily be able to find one that suits your needs.

When choosing long run racking there are some considerations to make, including the kind of load you have to carry. For example, if you’re running a large machinery workshop then you may wish to choose a more solid, secure type of material, and if you need more shelves, such as a more conventional stack for storing supplies then you may want to choose a more flexible type of material, such as wood. Also, think about the amount of space you have available in the area you’ll be installing the shelves, and consider whether the shelving will interfere with existing furniture, or if you can fit in the required space with a little alteration.

There is another consideration with long span shelving: where you buy it. Some of the more popular types of long run shelving can be purchased from your local DIY store, but if you plan on doing any painting jobs then you may need to purchase the long run shelving from a specialist supplier. You can then make any necessary modifications to the shelving. If you can’t afford a custom designed product then look around at the many prefabricated varieties on the market – there are a lot of retailers selling modular, ready-made and ready-assembled varieties on the market, and you can usually get a good idea of their quality and durability just by looking at the packaging!