Day: October 19, 2020

COMPANY Founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2020, Monera Design specialized in innovative fashion jewelry manufacturing and design. Monera jewelry items are a tribute to modern artistry and beauty that combine all elements to make stunning jewelry for both genders. The company began as a small, intimate shop with just four pieces for sale. After the store opened, it quickly became a must visit destination in Bangkok and quickly developed into one of the most sought after jewelry designers. Today Monera offers over two hundred different designs and a wide variety of prices for its jewelry pieces.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturer | Monera Design

The name “Monera” comes from the word “monet” which means “something created or handmade”. This is how Monera has distinguished itself as a leading designer in the industry of jewelry making. Monera is known for their original, yet contemporary styles and designs. Their jewelry is considered to be a contemporary blend of art and creativity. Their unique style of jewelry making has won accolades from both consumers and critics alike.

Monera Jewelry is also known for providing a wide range of wholesale jewelry accessories. With an extensive line of wholesale jewelries, Monera has the ability to offer a unique collection of jewelry at a discounted price. They provide quality wholesale accessories for all occasions and budgets. Monera designs are affordable and a great addition to your collection. Their designs are available at affordable prices and are designed by some of the best jewelry designers and artisans. From diamond jewelry sets, gold jewelry sets, silver jewelry sets, and more, you will find the piece that will perfect your look and complement your budget.

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