Mama Dolores is a very popular and highly rated Mexican restaurant in the Boston area. There are many restaurants in the area that offer Mexican food, but none quite like Mama Dolores does. This restaurant serves a variety of different dishes with an extremely strong taste for Mexican food. This article is based upon two visits to Mama Dolores to make sure the reviewer could try as much as possible. One visit was made at lunch time on a Tuesday and a second visit was made at dinner on a Saturday evening. After each meal, we asked the manager if there were any specific things that we could expect from Mama Dolores. After reviewing these two meals, the review that follows is focused primarily on the first visit.

Mama Dolores

Mama Dolores Review

Both meals were excellent and included a large selection of Mexican foods. The first meal consisted of a large platter of grilled shrimp, fresh corn tortillas, cheese enchiladas, roasted tomatoes, sour cream, lime juice, cilantro and black beans. There were several different types of meat served on this platter, including beef and pork. The portions were very large, which I thought would be a negative, but was not. The only thing that disappointed me about this platter was that the shrimp were not the freshest and I found myself ordering another dish at one point.

The second meal that we ordered was a salad that included a side of pasta with chicken and shrimp. I am glad that my opinion of Mama Dolores changed after I tried their lunch. Although I would have liked to see a bit more variety in the food selection, the meals were still very good. Mama Dolores is one of the only places that I would eat at if I was hungry enough to order a larger meal. The food tastes very good and there are always plenty of different dishes to order from the menu. The owner is a nice woman and she made ordering from her restaurant a breeze.